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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Conceptual Site Model

2007 Conceptual Site Model [February 2007]: The conceptual site model has been updated to incorporate the division of the river into three sections according to salinity gradients, description of major boundary conditions, description of net depositional and erosional areas, characterization of contaminant inputs, and description of fate and transport of contaminants.

Geochemical Evaluation Step 2 [March 2006]: This document is a continuation of the historical data analysis started in the "Geochemical Evaluation Step 1" referred to below. This evaluation extends our understanding of how sediments and chemicals are moving in the river system.

Geochemical Evaluation Step 1 [August 2005]: This document summarizes evaluations of historic environmental data that were conducted to support field investigation planning and expansion of the Conceptual Site Model.

Conceptual Site Model [August 2005]. The Conceptual Site Model (CSM) is a representation of the physical, chemical, and biological processes that determine the transport of chemicals within the Lower Passaic River. The initial CSM is derived from historic site data and knowledge gained from other contaminated sediment sites, and will be updated as new data are collected. The CSM is a valuable tool for testing assumptions about the environmental system in the Lower Passaic River, planning additional investigations, and evaluating the potential effectiveness of cleanup alternatives.